Nylon Shoe Box Series

DEBO India Nylon Shoe Box Series Cubicles are made from 12mm or more Compact Grade laminates with a phenolic core comprising of multiple layers of Kraft paper and Phenolic Resins. The manufacturing process uses the most modern machinery based on thermosetting resins reinforced with Cellulose Fibers. DEBO India compact laminates comes in various colors and finishes; offers anti scratch, anti fungal finishes to the surface of the board or panel.

DEBO India Nylon Series cubicle hardware from DEBO India is available in various grades and designs bringing to you the ageless and classical beauty of high quality Nylon hardware. Available in matt, brush and chrome finishes. Nylon accessories offer strong construction with a variety of options in hinges, adjustable legs, coat hooks, handles etc. 

DEBO India Nylon Series cubicles and panels are supported by Nylon Shoe Box (100 mm) anchored to the floor with non corrosive inserts. High quality U-profile and Corner profiles with supporting head rail guarantee strong and rigid construction.


Intermediate Panel, Pilaster & Door: The intermediate panel is one continued panel without any joints. All intermediate panels, pilasters and doors shall be 12mm thk with edges chamfered. The solid compact laminate (Phenolic Core Board) is based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulosefibres. Top surface on both sides is melamine coated which is scratch and impact resistant.

Hardware and fixing: All pilasters are to be supported by adjustable foot and non corrosive inserts. Top rail and wall fixing with and exterior polyamide coating guarantees resistance to breakage, heat, humidity and chemicals. The base of the adjustable foot will be anchored to the floor with a clearance height of 100mm. Aluminum U- Channel will be used for the fixing of intermediate panels to the wall.

Hardware Accessories

Nylon series cubicles equipped with the following accessories

  • Nylon Thumb turns.
  • Nylon Door Knob.
  • Nylon Coat Hook.
  • Nylon Auto Return Hinges.
  • Nylon Shoe Box.
  • SS Coated Aluminium Top Profile
  • Aluminium U-Channel.
  • Door stopper lining.
  • Optional Tubular Hinge Model also available.

Available in Matt, brush and chrome finishes. Color of the accessories will be natural SS.

Standard Dimensions

Height 1950 mm
Width 1200 mm
Depth 1500-1800 mm
Door 600 mm


Product Application

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