DEBO Lockers

DEBO Lockers are made of 100% original DEBO Compact Laminate (Solid Phenolic Panel) to secure your leisure life and offer –

  • Excellent resistance to impact and mechanical stress.
  • Steam and moisture resistant.
  • Anti corrosion, Anti fungal and totally hygienic.
  • Easy to maintain and install.
  • Wide range of colors.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Space saving.

These lockers are suitable for high humidity areas and public utility places such as fitness clubs, sauna rooms, swimming pools, shopping malls and sport centers. However, they are also widely used in schools, hospitals, shopping malls and hotels that have an extensive range of style and specifications.


Intermediate Panel, Pilaster & Door: The intermediate panel is one continued panel without any joints. All intermediate panels, pilasters and doors shall be 12mm thk with edges chamfered. The solid compact laminate (Phenolic Core Board) is based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulosefibres. Top surface on both sides is melamine coated which is scratch and impact resistant.

Hardware and fixing: All pilasters are to be supported by adjustable foot and non corrosive inserts. Top rail and wall fixing with and exterior polyamide coating guarantees resistance to breakage, heat, humidity and chemicals. The base of the adjustable foot will be anchored to the floor with a clearance height of 100mm. Aluminum U- Channel will be used for the fixing of intermediate panels to the wall.


Standard Dimension 300w x 450d x 1800h

1T Single Door locker unit – Spacious and ideal for athletic clubs, gyms and other locations requiring larger storage spaces.
2T 2 Tiers lockers unit – Hanging rail and suitable for any kind of application.
3T 3 Tiers locker unit – Large bag storage appropriate for schools, shopping malls, train stations etc.
4T 4 Tiers locker unit – Small bag storage and suitable in the areas such as supermarkets, skating rinks and bowling alleys.
ZS Z-Shapes & 2 Tiers – Offers space for clothing hook which are suitable for hospital staff, nurses and athletic clubs.


Classic, economic, elegant, simple; Modern, dynamic, vigorous;